Why get married at the Pantheon?

The Puccini - Bonacchi Park is the largest historical garden of the Municipality of Pistoia, with its 13 hectares. It is located at the edge of the city, a quarter of an hour walk from the center and less than 10 minutes by car from the Pistoia motorway exit. Inside the Park, stands the "Pantheon to Illustrious Men", a neoclassical building that has undergone a conservative restoration to maintain both the structure and the original decorations, but which at the same time has updated it based on the needs of comfort modern. The Pantheon is a unique and suggestive place, full of history and also a little magical.

Inside the Pantheon, lit up by day through the huge windows or illuminated by the warm light of the magnificent chandeliers and the original appliqués, it will be possible to set up an elegant buffet or an amazing placé lunch.

Alternatively, in the large and well-kept outdoor areas we can organize the same buffet or lunch, or, if you prefer, a country party, a welcome drink, a candy, the cut of the cake.

Similarly, the Fortress can further embellish the event, with its neo-gothic frescoes and its valuable architecture, and lends itself well to the welcome drink or a buffet lunch.

The path in the park, dotted with sculptures and monuments, the romantic lake in the light of the sunset is the perfect set to capture an unforgettable day. A photo shoot with a certain effect. A professional staff will assist you in fulfilling every need, desire or request.

How to organize your wedding reception?

1. The welcome drink and appetizer

The welcome drink is the first impact that guests have of the wedding reception. His organization must be taken care of and arranged in strategic and extremely suggestive positions. The Parco Puccini - Bonacchi offers numerous possibilities, all very close to the car park:


Outdoors, in the square in front of Villa "La Fortezza"

Outdoors, by the pool


Outdoors, in the square in front of Villa "Il Pantheon"

Indoors, inside Villa "La Fortezza"

2. Lunch or dinner

The interior of the Villa "The Pantheon" is the flagship of the entire Park: recently restored, bright and precious, it is the ideal location for a elegant and high-level wedding reception. Maximum capacity is of 150 people to sit, all in a room of 158 square meters.


3. The cutting of the cake

The cut of the cake is a magical moment. The location must, therefore, be equally magical. One of the four possibilities for an aperitif, or even the Limonaia del Pantheon or the lawn in front of the monument to Dante Alighieri and the Pantheon are undoubtedly perfect.


4. Entertainment

After cutting the cake, you usually leave room for fun. Again, Villa "The Pantheon" lends itself beautifully to this purpose by providing atmosphere and a glance of the most beautiful and fascinating of all Tuscany.


The Parco Puccini will contribute to making the day of your wedding unforgettable. Book Now