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The History


With this series of articles we will guide you to discover the beauties of the Puccini Garden….

the facade of the fortress

The Fortress

“The bizarre and modern-day fabric embellished by the ornament's character that is imitating the feudal Gothic”

Puccini's park Pistoia

Shortly the garden

A brief summary of the history of the Puccini Garden (for the complete version see the article "Il Giardino").

Pantheon facade, available for reservations

The Pantheon

“Not pictures of tyrants, not of those who dance, not of those who sing, but the face and name of those who, by sanctifying Italy with the genius, created the hope of a future life.”

garden's space

Garden's monuments

"The Garden is analytically studied in all its components (architectural, plant, water, geological, topographic, environmental, etc.) and through historical and literary documents and sources, and through topographic and cadastral surveys and any other iconographic source "Historical Gardens Map, Florence 1981